Extention of High-bay warehouse and new bridge and tunel between this storage and new assembly hall

  • I was part of project team of extention of high-bay storage and connecting bridge and tunel between high-bay storage after paintshop and new assembly line.
  • In this project, I learned a lot knowledge from experienced colleagues of Brand planning department.
  • We built a bridge and tunel between two halls.
  • We extend a high-bay storage with one new stacker crane and extention of steel construction for two existing stacker cranes. Extention from 1000 positions to 1340 positions
  • Used Skid conveyors technology was Roller conveyor, Rotary tables, Swivel tables, Implementer, Elevators/lifters, Transverse transfer carriage, Chain conveyor, Scissor lift tables, Eccentric lifting tables.


  • VW Slovakia

  • 2016-2017